Starter Keyword Package

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A mixture of low competition keywords perfect for new or small websites.

We aim for delivery of your Booster Package in 10-14 days from the date of ordering.

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  • Competition Research
  • Perfect for new websites or sites with less than 200 articles ranking
  • Keyword Research in your niche
  • Quick win advice
  • Research of trends and your competitor’s weak spots
  • 25 Keyword rich content ideas for you to write
  • 25 Eye Catching SEO article titles

2 reviews for Starter Keyword Package

  1. Thomas Ponzo (verified owner)

    The service itself is good but the website itself is lacking I cannot order multiple packages at one

  2. Nicholas Holt (verified owner)

    Carl or whoever did the keyword research did a great job! I haven’t seen the stats the articles will generate but, I looked at the keywords and they are the type I am looking for, low competition, some related (makes the article writing a bit easier because some articles can be a little repetitive), and they look to have good traffic according to Google trends. What I like about Carl is that he seems to be very honest and when recommending his own service for this he really stepped up to the plate and delivered. 10/5 would highly recommend. I had keyword care do my research so I could save time and now I think this will be a go to when I am a little to busy!

    • Carl Broadbent

      Thanks Nicholas. I hope you see a good return on the investment. Good luck for the future

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