Affiliate marketing and owning a WordPress website is all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, right? Well not really. There are important day-to-day WordPress tasks, which although mundane, are necessary for the health of your website. As with any business (it is a business), it has its day-to-day tasks that need to be done. My WordPress tasks involve some very boring jobs that need to be done. You have to be structured in the day-to-day running of your website. Especially as your website grows and has lots of older content. Let me tell and show you what I do on my niche websites on a daily basis. If you’re looking for screenshots of huge sums of money and lists of hundreds of products sold daily on Amazon… You’ll be disappointed. As the title suggests, my daily WordPress tasks are very boring, but essential to the success of my websites. Are you considering placing ads on your site and making money from your traffic? If yes, Then checkout Ezoic! An amazing advertising platform for niche websites. Click here! What WordPress Tasks Should You Do? There are a number of tasks I do daily. Some I do every day and some every few days. Yes, checking my sales is always one of them. Ha Ha! Here’s my daily WordPress checklist Update plugins (after checking online to see if there are any issues with the update)Comments (I don’t activate comments of many sites but I do answer the ones I have)Check emails for issues from writers (some post directly onto the site)Check posts for completed work (this is the fun part)Check Google Analytics (the fun part – most days)Yes, Check Amazon sales (sometimes fun – sometimes depressing)Check Ezoic (my ad revenue company) – Always fun!Publish any new articles (after adding links, photos and checking SEO)Update my spreadsheet (where I keep track of all my content)Share on social media (I hate doing social media)Refresh and update broken links and old content (boring, but vital)Update spreadsheet (add a date and short description of work done) As you can see my day is always busy and involves some very mundane tasks. You need to understand that affiliate marketing is not easy! Yes, it’s easy to get started and add some content and start earning some passive income. But like all businesses, you have to do daily tasks to keep it running smoothly and keep your site fresh and updated. More fool you if you ignore this advice! Honestly, if you ask me which one piece of advice I could give you to help you run your niche website smoothly it would be… Update old content every 3-6 monthsKeep an updated and extensive spreadsheet I’ll explain later in this blog why an updated spreadsheet is so important. What We All Love To Do Each Day If you’re like me I bet you check your earnings daily. Right? That’s part of the fun of owning a niche website. The thought of ‘What if…’ springs to mind. I wake up, check my affiliate programs with the hope of ‘What if one of my posts went viral?’. The hope is that Google has shown one of your posts some love and spread the word about your great content. Sometimes it’s out of your control and you could, in theory, log in to see thousands of dollars commissions from a post that went viral. Can that really happen? It can actually and I have had it happen to me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a product-related post (it was a purely informational article), so I didn’t get any sales and I hadn’t even switched on ads so I made nothing, not a cent! It was fun though. What happened? I’ll make this short, I logged onto my Google app on my phone and checked the live data to see appx 27 people on at one time! Hmmm, strange I thought. The most I had seen was about 5-9 people at any one time. I checked in 30 minutes later and still 20+ people WOW! What the hell is going on I thought? This continued for 2 days. It was an information post that was getting shared around social media and featured on a big website. To give you some perspective, the traffic on that site was around 5k a month (a new site) over the 2 days I saw 9k people visit that post. It was awesome to see, but as soon as it started it ended just as quickly. But it was an exciting 48 hours. Now imagine that on a larger scale and with a product/buyer intent article. Now we’re talking! That’s what we all dream of and wake up each day to check if it’s happened. I know I do! What Tasks I Find Boring And Why Each day, as part of my daily routine, I update and check for broken links. It’s probably the most important part of my day but I do find it boring. You may like it, but I find going over old posts and updating them and fixing issues really boring. I know it needs to be done and it adds real value to my authority and Google loves to see you taking care of your content. Finding broken links is one of the best ways you can spend your time. Broken links have a negative effect on your rankings and can cause a poor user experience. Think of it like this… You’ve done all the hard work by creating the content in the first place. You’ve got the rankings and you’re sending people to your blog. They love your content and read through the blog getting more and more excited about what you’re promoting and start to trust your opinions. They get excited and decide to buy the product only to click the link to see the product is OUT OF STOCK or worse – a 404 Error message. Arrrrrrgh! Sales lost and what’s worse, trust is broken! By updating your content you fix multiple issues. Fix broken linksBuild trust with GoogleImprove your rankingsProvide a better user experienceGet more sales Why Are Spreadsheets So Important? Once I have updated any posts, I immediately update my spreadsheet for that website. One lesson I learned pretty quickly is to have a good spreadsheet for each website. It serves many functions and can be a godsend for updating content. I use my spreadsheet for these functions: Keep track of how many articles I have publishedTracks wordcountHelps optimize Title lengthHelps with hired writersTracks updatesDisplays published datesTracks money spent on contentCan track rankings Helps organize categories An example of one of the spreadsheets I use and update daily What’s The Benefits Of Doing WordPress Daily Tasks? Like any job, there are tasks that need to be completed daily just to ensure the smooth running of your business. (my niche websites are my business) Not only can you lose revenue by not completing daily tasks – like fixing broken links – but you can spoil the user or customer experience. For instance, if the article they go to read comes up with a 404 error or loads slowly. The bigger your site gets, the bigger your daily task list will grow. Yes. All niche sites are passive to a certain extent but not 100%. Unlike a regular 9-5 job, if I don’t feel like doing any work for a day I won’t see a huge impact on my income. However, if I neglect my niche sites for a few days, it has the potential to impact my business in a negative way. So, the first thing I do every day is to attend to my daily tasks! Yes, It can be boring…. But it’s better than working for someone else, Right! Stay Focused This is a saying/phrase – I will be every day in the affiliate, marketing, and niche website world. Something that stuck with me for a long time was watching a video of 3 very successful business people (I can’t remember exactly who it was right now) and they were all asked if they had one piece of advice and to write it down on a piece of paper. What would it be? All three wrote ‘Stay Focused’. I can totally empathize with that. I’m sure you are like me; you start a website and get a few months into it then get a great idea and think, ‘Hey, that’s a great niche’ and start thinking about building another site. Right? We all do it and get distracted. I’ve done the whole social media thing. Building fan groups and posting memes and pictures which take up all day. Then by the end of the day, you realize you’ve wasted the whole day and not written any content or really done anything to build your brand and authority. In the beginning, you might get distracted in your theme and how your website looks. Spending hours, days and even months before you think it looks good enough to add content. By then you’re two months into it and have only posted one or two pieces of content. You’ll then be asking yourself why am I not making any money? I’m two months into this now. Well, actually no. You’re one or two days into it because you spent months just sorting the look of your site. If I could give you one bit of advice – Stay focused on your goal. Don’t get distracted. Turn off the TV, put down your phone and spend as much time each day as you need to reach your goal. If it’s to get X amount of content on your site then don’t let anything distract you from doing that. Set Up A Daily Time Frame Okay, most of you will be working a full-time job as well as trying to build an online business (me too for a long time). So planning your day around work and home life is critical; for a number of reasons: To stop the dreaded ‘Burn Out’More organizedGet more doneStop your partner killing youGetting too tired; which affects the quality of workReach your goal faster Having a strict time frame may seem to go against what everyone tells you about affiliate marketing that’s easy, and can be done whenever and who cares attitude. But it’s totally the opposite! I hate going to bed thinking ‘oh s##t, I didn’t get to do A or B’. That keeps me up at night. I love having a tick box list of jobs that I know will help me get to my goals and keep me on track. If I’m going to post on Facebook or other social media then I want to get on there, get it done and move off. Bish, Bash, Bosh… Job done. Move onto the next task. Not sit on there for 30 minutes looking at cute cat pictures! Google Loves Consistency This is hard to prove but Google themselves have stated not only in video uploads but also blog content, that consistent and regular publishing is rewarded. Plus your followers and readers love to know exactly when you’re going to publish new content. How many of you can’t wait to get that update or notification from your favorite blogger? I know I do. I wait with bated breath for Income School’s blog every Monday and Alex Cooper’s (WPEagle) Youtube stream every Wednesday. Well, your readers and community will feel the same about you. Publish content on a consistent basis, daily, weekly or even monthly (if you publish in bulk). Just think…. if you publish 1 blog each week, your site will have over 100 articles within 24 months. For most sites that’s enough to earn you over $1000+ every month for many years to come. Boring Business My last boss had one saying that I still think is relevant today in the online affiliate niche website world, even though he spoke about it from a retail background. He said…. Your day-to-day retail life should be boring! WOW, I thought, that sounds depressing and dull. Ha Ha Ha But actually what he says is true. What he means is that your business life should be structured, be consistent and should have rhythm and routine. If your niche website day-to-day is dramatic and stressful, then you’re doing it wrong. You should have a plan of action, a daily structure and routine and it all should go to plan. No hiccups, no drama, no headaches. My day-to-day affiliate life is planned, perfectly executed and moves forward daily with no drama. Exactly how I want it. Conclusion: My Day-To-Day WordPress Tasks My advice to you is to create a daily WordPress and affiliate marketing plan of action. If you’re just starting, it may be as simple as writing some content, updating your plugins and adding value to your brand. For bigger more authority sites it may involve a lot more, but don’t ruin all that hard work by slacking on important tasks and upkeep of your site and business. Of course, once all that is done, there’s always time for fun. After all, that’s what we are in this business for. Right? For me, it’s a few hours playing golf really badly. But if I worked a full-time job for some corporate company, that wouldn’t be possible. That’s why I love niche websites.