Oh no, not another Which is best blogs! Ha Ha Well not really, this is not a conventional ‘which is best’ blog because to be honest, I don’t do conventional. However, I am going to tell you my personal opinion on the two. Ezoic vs Mediavine is a long and continuing argument within the affiliate marketing world and will continue to be so for a lot longer. However, I’m not here to tell you which is best. Well, In a way I am. I’ll explain why you could choose either Ezoic or Mediavine depending on what you’re looking for. I’m simply going to share my experience and let you figure it out yourself, whether that’s Ezoic or Mediavine. I think there’s a name for that – ‘Projecting your thoughts’ – or something. Anyway, let’s get into this. Ezoic or Mediavine? Why am I talking about it and who am I to judge? Well, I’m a customer of both for a start and secondly, I have had some experience with both for some time now with several websites, which puts me in a good position to point out the Good and Bad about both. Let’s start with the basics. How much Traffic do you Need to Sign Up for Either? Both companies have a minimum level of traffic or visitors, needed to become a partner with them. That’s because they sell advertising space on each website and it needs to be worth their while. The setup costs and time spent nursing you through the initial process has to be worth their while, Right? The traffic needed for your first site is: Ezoic: 10,000 Sessions per monthMediavine: 25,000 sessions per month Sessions are unique visitors to your site, not pageviews. Otherwise, you could get only a hand full of people who flick through dozens of pages which would look good in your pageview stats but are fewer people for either Ezoic or Mediavine to target with ads and therefore not as much potential for selling products through ad space. The traffic needed to add a second or third site is: Ezoic: 5000 sessions per monthMediavine: 10,000 sessions per month Once you have your first site set up with either Ezoic or Mediavine, it’s much easier and quicker for them to add a second, third or more sites without the need to vet or process you as a new customer. Hence, they allow you in with lower traffic. Plus, they trust the quality of your work at that point. How Long and Easy is it to Get Approved? With both companies, the process is relatively short. My experience with Ezoic has always taken around 5-10 days maximum and with Mediavine, the application process is longer around 10-14 days. This is partly because Mediavine is stricter than Ezoic and only allow really good quality sites through the process. Why? So, they can approach the bigger Blue-chip and Forbes 500 companies to sell your ad space to. Which in return commands a higher price. That’s good for them and good for you! The process is pretty painless with each application to be fair, but like-for-like, Mediavine is easier as they place all the ad sets for you once approved. You simply give them access to your Google Analytics then download a sheet from your Google Dashboard (which is very easy to get), then sign a contract. Oh, yes… Let’s mention the contracts before I forget. With Ezoic there is no contract as such; it’s simple to get out if you decide to move to another company like Mediavine or Adthrive. However, once you sign up with Mediavine, you enter into a contract and should you wish to leave or move, then you’ll need to give them enough notice to quit. Why? Because they buy your ad space in advance, so they often sell ads on your site 2-3 months in advance; promising the buyer that their adverts will be on your site for a set period of time. Which is totally understandable. If you want to learn more about Ezoic’s terms and conditions and revenue details, or even join them you can click here. Do you Need to Redirect DNS with Ezoic No, now I’m glad I’m getting the chance to tell you this as many people think that because Ezoic asks you to redirect your name server to them when you first sign up, that unless you do it, they will refuse you. They will ask, trust me and they will ask again! But you can say ‘no’ and choose to place the ad sets manually (Ad sets are just the ads, how many and where). This is done through a Chrome extension plugin and is very simple to do. By not redirecting your DNS you have full control over your site: If you have any issues with your server or hosting your hosting company like Siteground, for instance, will take care of you as normal. Once you give your DNS over to Ezoic, you lose that safety net from your hosting supplier. Why do They Ask for DNS Redirection? Ezoic has a lot of apps and plugins that can help your site. They also play around with the ad sets and experiment with placements to get you the best return on your ads. Having your DNS gives them the flexibility to get the most out of your ads and allows their AI technology to learn and grow with more user experience. However, in my experience and I reiterate, it is my opinion, and not founded on any technical jargon – you don’t need to do that. They designed a plugin so why not use it? It works just fine! Which Pays More? Ezoic or Mediavine? Ah, I knew you’d get to this point sooner or later and why not. We are in it for the money, right? Let’s not be shy about these things. Again, I can only go by my experience and from what I have experienced with two sites on each. They are both in the same niche and in fact, the same sites moved from Ezoic over to Mediavine. Mediavine wins hands down! So, Mediavine wins for me on the RMP Take a look at some of MY screenshots below. Like, I say, this is my personal journey with both Ezoic and Mediavine but there’s probably many of you reading this now shouting… Ezoic is the best! If that’s the case for you, then great! You must have played around and tested Ezoic to the max to get the results you’re seeing. And that’s great! But for me I either didn’t spend enough time playing around with placements or testing enough ads. But I simply don’t have the time to do that. That’s why I love Mediavine and rank it above Ezoic on a side-by-side comparison because Mediavine does all the hard work for you and have found the perfect combination of ads and placements to see the best return from day one. Click here to learn all about Mediavine or even apply to join their community if you have 25,000 page views or more a month. Does Mediavine Pay Top Dollar from Day One? Almost, you have to allow 7-10 days for Mediavine to find the right buyer for your ads. In the first few days, they will place generic ads on your site and you’ll see a small RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Visitors) until they find the right match for your niche and audience. Typically, it’s about 10 days before you suddenly see your RPM skyrocket, then you know they have found a great match for your site. Then sit back and watch the ad revenue build up each day. How Much was I Making with Each? It would be very difficult to give an exact comparison but I can give you some averages for each site, which are very accurate as they are the same sites with the same content simply moved from one to another. Below is a screenshot from one of my pet niche websites which was with Ezoic through the months of Oct-Feb – which was then moved to Mediavine mid-way through Feb 2020. As you can see from the screenshot above the average RPM was around $9-$11. Even for the month of December, which is the best month for RPM, this was still only $13. Now compare that same site with the first month with Mediavine. The same content and the same traffic. Okay, traffic has gone up slightly but that amount of traffic will not drastically affect RMP. So, it’s a fair comparison. This site was transferred on the 17th March and has only been running Mediavine ads for the past 35 days. So, let’s take the first 30 days on Mediavine. Take a look at the image below… First 30 Days with Mediavine As you can see the RMP with Mediavine is averaging around $15 and that’s the first 30 days which are the worst as the ads are not yet running or been sold at the best rates yet. Even so, you can see that some days it hit $17 which is almost double some of the days I was seeing with Ezoic. Since then, the RMP has increased and I have seen it balancing out at around $17. Then you need to take into consideration video ads, which I’ll talk about next. Add this into the RMP and I’m now seeing a whopping $21 per thousand visitors. In simple terms I’m receiving in cash terms, more than double each month going into my bank account. Do You Get Paid Straight Away? Both companies will run ads on your site for a number of months before you get paid. Ezoic is better in this respect as you get paid after two months but with Mediavine, you have to wait for three months before you receive the first deposit into your account. Which to be honest is a total pain, but, hey ho. I know the money is coming to me and I’ll just have to wait. Video Ads and Overlays Mediavine is leading the way with video ads at the moment and I can see it being a massive focus in the years to come. Ezoic is definitely being left behind at present with this as they don’t currently offer video ads through their service. However, when you read this article, they may have started to run video ads. This is an image of a video ad on one of my niche websites What are video ads? Basically, you place a video from YouTube, or one made specifically for each post or website, which they then can sell advertising space at the beginning of your ad. Very similar to native ad space, they sell your video ad space to the highest bidder. Video ads are now and will continue to fetch a handsome price for ads placed on or within your video. I was confused at first what needed to be done, but in the end, it was really easy and I can’t believe how much you get paid for a simple 30-40 second ad. As with any video, it pays to make the best video possible because in the same way that ads pay within your content, video ads pay more if the viewer plays and watches the video throughout. The longer they watch the video the more you earn. So, it’s in your interest to make a specific video for each blog post that is relevant to the topic and article. This will ensure your visitors click the video and watch it for longer. You can see the overlay highlighted here. No sound and they only pop up for 10 seconds approx. Sounds like too much work? I agree, if you don’t have a YouTube channel or lack the ability to make lots and lots of videos – then you can cheat! Well, I say cheat, it’s actually recommended by Mediavine to start earning something from video ads even if it’s not as much as you could make with specifically targeted videos. As you can see this, is a simple generic animated video ad that I placed on the home page of my website. Mediavine then placed this video where I don’t have any others throughout the website. So, if I have made a specific video for a certain post then this generic video WILL NOT be played on that page. This ensures you earn as much as possible from the specific video that you have put a lot of time, effort and money into. But, on all the other pages where I have no video, they place my animated welcome video. This means I can earn a video ad revenue from every single page on my site. How cool is that! Learn more about Ezoic here Interesting Data Spotted! Take a look at the video I recorded above to see some interesting information and data about Google crawling your site. There seems to be an issue with how easy it is for Google to crawl a website when running Ezoic Ads compared to Mediavine. In simple terms (you can see I’m a simple man), it looks from my untrained eye that it’s much easier for Google to come to your site, find your content and rank it. It seems to spend more time on your site when running Mediavine compared to when I had Ezoic. Just watch the video and you can make your own mind up about this. Learn what this chart means by watching my video above Conclusion: Which is best Ezoic or Mediavine? Here you go, plain and simple (there’s that word again) it’s…. Drumroll Mediavine for me! I have said it before and I will say it again, this is my opinion and I have good data to back up my claim and I have experienced both companies and found that Mediavine wins on several factors: Higher RPMGreat community on FBAwesome customer serviceVideo adsOverlaysEasier to set upBetter user experienceCleaner site If you’ve found a better experience with Ezoic or any other company, we’d like to hear from you. Leave a comment on our video on YouTube. Now you would think with an affiliate program for Ezoic, which is here AFFILIATE LINK TO EZOIC by the way, if you want to check them out, I would be pushing Ezoic to you! But I will always be open and honest and give you my opinion as I see it. The power of the internet and owning my own website like this one gives me the freedom to say it as I see it. And at the moment I see Mediavine as the clear winner for me. Good luck with your sites and I hope whichever you go with whether it’s Ezoic or Mediavine, it’s the best choice for you!